“Elvas”, OOOTOKO’s debut single, transcends musical boundaries and offers a truly sonic experience, inviting the listener to explore different musical landscapes as they listen. Skilfully blending oriental sounds with hard-hitting rock elements, a vibrant brass section and a heady violin line, the track takes listeners on an exotic musical journey. «  Elvas » is full of surprises, including a free jazz passage that adds an improvised dimension to the composition. The spellbinding vocals of Dan San and Liam O Maonlai crown this track, creating a powerful moment of vocal union.

Composer Damien Chierici shares his inspiration behind ‘Elvas’, explaining: The title Elvas evokes the Portuguese town of the same name, which was under the sway of the Moors until 1230 and whose alleyways littered with white and yellow houses are a reminder of that time. When I visited this fortified town, a medieval festival was taking place… I found myself on the oriental side, surrounded by dancers in traditional dress, horses, camels and dromedaries. We were plunged into a timeless universe that naturally inspired me to write the piece.