Translation: Giant, colossus

An instrumental group of 19 musicians created by violinist Damien Chierici, OOOTOKO offers a raw, authentic chamber pop sound. 
Like a UFO in today’s music scene, OOOTOKO’s music is a return to the very essence of music, the pleasure of playing together without artifice, where each member is a piece of a global puzzle.

OOOTOKO’s eponymous debut album is a musical epic that moves from the intimate to the grandiloquent, a crossing of musical styles from François de Roubaix to Snarky Puppy, taking on board an audience touched by the melancholy but also the joy of the cinematic universe proposed. 

Damien Chierici unfurls a score with refined arrangements, where pop, jazz and classical music intertwine, interpreted with great inspiration by musicians he has met along the way, who have become accomplices and are delighted to find themselves all together in this atypical project!  

Superimposed on the instruments are the voices of Eosine, Dan San, Benni and Irishman Liam O’Maonlai (Hothouse Flowers), adding a touch of folk authenticity that makes this unclassifiable music even more unique.

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Single ‘Malo’